Keyboard Warriors

Project TypeWeb
BackendRuby, Rails
FrontendCoffeeScript, Foundation, jQuery
Version ControlGit, Github
OtherActionCable, WebSockets

Basic Overview

Taking part in the 2016 Ruby Rampage hackathon, I entered as a solo team to participate. The hackathon was a 48-hour non-stop challenge to make the most interesting web application possible within the available time, and with the help of a lot of coffee, I managed to make a multiplayer real-time speed typing battle game using rails ActionCable and WebSockets.

The game involves creating 'gatherings', which have a real-time chatroom for contenders to talk to eachother pre-game, when a gethering is at full capacity it can be initiated into a game, which is a real-time typing battle, the first to a set amount of points wins, each game can have a variety of difficulty settings, the harder the difficulty the longer and more complicated the words are. As a solo team there are many aspects I couldn't complete, such as pretty much 0 design and still many problems, but I will take this on in the future and want to make an improved version to release. This was my first hackathon experience and was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience being able to see and review other competitors projects and codebases, something I will definately be taking part in again in the future. Click here to for the repository.

Skills and Knowledge used

  • ActionCable and websockets for real-time communication between client and server.
  • Rapid development and planning to deliver a final project in a short space of time.
  • Jobs and background processes to deliver the real-time responses.
  • enumerization and serialization.
  • Authentication and OAuth with Devise.

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Attended Kansai Ruby Kaigi 2017

A Ruby conference in the kansai region of japan, held in Osaka. Listened to a variety of presentations from many people in the Ruby community. This years theme was Community and Business.

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Ruby Rampage 2016

Took part in 2016's Ruby Rampage 48 hour Hackathon.