'University Life' support and information app

Project TypeApp
BackendRuby, Rails API
AppIonic, Cordova, Android, iOS
Version ControlGit, Gitlab
Languagejavascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS

Basic Overview

A hybrid mobile application available for iOS and Android, which provides the latest news, campus shop opening times, and campus service discount coupons etc to students studying in universities part of a well-known cooperative across Japan. As well as university life and support features, an in-app alert feature also provides the universities with a way to contact / notify all students in the event of typhoons or other natural disasters, all to common in Japan, and ensure the safety of their students both in and out of term time.

Skills and Input

  • Working as project manager to keep track of all resources and progress to ensure a safe and smooth delivery, as well as meeting regularly with the client to create specifications, review progress, and identify any changes in requirements throughout the development process.
  • Ruby on Rails API creation.
  • Hybrid mobile application development using Ionic (HTML, CSS, AngularJS).
  • Amazon AWS SNS service and API for push notifications.
  • Interacting with multiple 3rd party services provided by other companies for the universities to display information such as canteen menus, or upcoming events posters.
  • A student coupon system for deals on products and services, as coupon usage tracker for the universities to know what type of coupons, products, and services are popular among their student base, for future planning.

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