E-commerce System aimed at preparing freshman students for university

Project TypeWeb
ServerUbuntu, Nginx
BackendRuby, Rails
FrontendJavascript, jQuery
Version ControlSVN migrated to Git, Gitlab

Brief Overview

An E-commerce platform to be provided by a University Cooperative operating in Japan that provides students that attend member universities with all the supplies they might need during their university studies. The system has a specific window in spring, where it operates, providing a wide range of goods for students from stationary and computers, to bikes and home appliances, to help with all aspects of university life.

Skills and Input

An already established system, my input to this system was one of a maintenance and upgrades position. Before the sales period starts, meeting with the client and discussing new feature additions as well as design / UX changes. Personal input includes:

  • The Addition of various new pages and features to the system, ranging from simple marketing pages to a 'Contact Us' feature with an automatic mailing system to send questions to the relevant departments for the contact topic.
  • Upgrading system from Rails 2 to Rails 3, and refactoring code base.
  • Various hotfixes and repairs for known bugs, as well as errors that arose in real-time.
  • Tech support for urgent fixes and system questions during the sales period.

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Contact Me

  • john.hayes.reed@gmail.com

Recent Activity

Attended Kansai Ruby Kaigi 2017

A Ruby conference in the kansai region of japan, held in Osaka. Listened to a variety of presentations from many people in the Ruby community. This years theme was Community and Business.

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johnhayesreed.com has had a makeover with Bootstrap 4

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Ruby Rampage 2016

Took part in 2016's Ruby Rampage 48 hour Hackathon.