Framework support application

Project TypeWeb
BackendRuby on Rails
Frontendvanilla javascript
Version ControlGit, Github
LanguageRuby, Gherkin, javascript
OtherRSpec, Cucumber

An in-house support application to help produce the configuration for the framework that drives the whole end-to-end solution for a mobile policing application. This project is modelled from a framework design that defines a new way of interpreting an existing data layer. The application allows Product focused team members to easily input data that helps them visualise the configuration and resulting layout / interpetation of the underlying data model, and outputs and XML configuration that different layers of the main application can consume and utilise to provide a new way of visualising data.

This application was a concept of mine to solve an issue the business was having with hand writing pieces of XML and making the configuration files easy to build for non-technical team members. I designed, implemented, and delivered the in-house web application and constantly maintain and update to improve its usability and the speed of 'conceptualisation' to 'generation' of the XML files based on feedback and constant interactions with the stakeholders using it.

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Ruby Rampage 2016

Took part in 2016's Ruby Rampage 48 hour Hackathon.