Policing mobile application API

Project TypeWeb
DatabaseSOAP Interface
BackendJRuby, Rails, Java
Version ControlGit, Github
LanguageRuby, Gherkin
OtherRSpec, Cucumber

An API for a mobile application for police forces around the UK. As an app that uses very little of Rails, the majority of the work involves building a app specific framework layer on top of Rails to help provide the functionality required. One of these framework areas is around the data model and transactions layer, as this project uses no database, but instead communicates with another layer of the architecture through SOAP requests, dealing in Graphs and utilising Java classes to serialise and deserialise them to and from XML.

My roles and inputs on this project are fairly broad, including: implementing pieces of framework, building bespoke areas of the application utilising the framework, desiging the architecture for the overall system, mentoring junior team members to help spread the application specific domain knowledge and general development techniques and practices. Strong emphasis on development using both BDD and TDD through the use of Gherkin statements as a communication tool across the wider team.

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