Skye Leather

Project TypeWeb
BackendRuby, Rails
Frontendjavascript, Bootstrap 4 Alpha, React.js
Templates SLIM
Version ControlGit, Github

Brief Overview

A small side project I work on in my spare time, my wife's parents create their own leather goods and sell them online. They wanted a small simple homepage where they can manage and upload information about their latest creations and write a blog about their leatherworks life. I also use it as a sandbox platform to play around with some new technologies and for when I want to create a new gem and test it out on a simple but usable system.

Skills and Input

  • Being a great Son-in-law
  • Web development in Ruby on Rails.
  • Working with Carrierwave and AWS S3 Storage and API for image uploads.
  • Using React.js through the reactonrails gem.
  • Using the heroku platform for hosting and infrastructure solutions.

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Recent Activity

Attended Kansai Ruby Kaigi 2017

A Ruby conference in the kansai region of japan, held in Osaka. Listened to a variety of presentations from many people in the Ruby community. This years theme was Community and Business.

Bottled observers gem release

The first production version of bottled_observers has been released (v0.1.0)

New blog post!

A blog about more advanced decorating concepts in ruby.

Bottled decorators gem update

v0.1.5 of bottled decorators has been released.

New blog post!

A blog post about the concept of class-instance variables

Website Design Update has had a makeover with Bootstrap 4

New blog post!

A new blog about design patterns in rails - Decorators

Bottled decorators gem release

The first production version of bottled_decorators has been released (v0.1.4)

New blog post!

A new blog about desing patterns in rails - Services

Bottled services gem release

The first production version of bottled_services has been released (v0.1.3)

Ruby Rampage 2016

Took part in 2016's Ruby Rampage 48 hour Hackathon.