University accomodation rent tracking application

Project TypeApp
ServerUbuntu, Nginx
BackendRuby, Rails API
AppIonic, Cordova, Android, iOS
Version ControlGit, Gitlab
Languagejavascript AngularJS, HTML, CSS

Brief Overview

This project was a supporting application for part of a larger project. This application is a student support app for students to find out information about the loca area that they are living in (areas limited to those around member universities), such as bin collection, community support information, and emergency contacts and what to do when in trouble, it also uses push notifications to alert studnets and parents of local events. For students with university managed accomodation, they also have a rent tracking feature for students and parents to keep track and ensure all rent is being paid on time.

Skills and Input

  • Hybrid mobile application development using Ionic (HTML, CSS, AngularJS).
  • Development of an API using Ruby on Rails.
  • Apple and Google developer workflow, and application build and release processes.
  • Amazon AWS SNS service and API for Push Notifications to end users.
  • Member of the design review team and code review team for quality analysis and best practices in codebase, and help with input on design proposals.

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