University accomodation management system

Project TypeWeb
ServerUbuntu, Nginx
BackendRuby, Rails
FrontendJavascript, jQuery
AppIonic, Cordova
Version ControlGit, Gitlab

Brief Overview

This project was an overhaul of an old already in use system, to redesign and bring it up to date, as well as apply an API for a supporting mobile application. The system was one for universities part of a major cooperative across Japan to easily perform administrative tasks, and manage and track dormatory accomodation they offer as well as private student accomodations being let. The system also needed to have an API for a mobile application that would inform students and their parents about the processing of monthly rent payments.

Skills and Input

  • As a member of the dev team, to follow a specification and documentation to develop an end product.
  • Be an active member in all aspects of the project, including frontend development, backend development, and design / UX decisions.
  • Create a JSON API for interactions with a mobile application.
  • Design and develop a hybrid mobile application that interacts with the API.
  • Refactor and redesign codebase to use modern day best practices and improve maintainability.

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